Friday, June 17, 2022

Pretty Mayhem DASH'


Somewhere between the running in the sun, shooting fireworks, and pool parties is some unfortunate tragedies. Summer is fun... and scary. Continuing our ongoing look at fireworks and monster Transformers this week is Sparkdash. Those lovable Firecons and Sparkabots we've been talking about also were featured in the Japanese Transformers in Masterforce. The Decepticon Sparkdash were drone foot soldiers similar to the Seacons in this series. The Autobot Sparkdash were toy only, not appearing in cartoon or manga. 

Unlike the G2 versions, the full teams were released in different colors (some characters more than others) and with different names. The Firecons are the only Sparkdash to appear in the fiction. Manga was of course black and white, but on the cartoon, they had the same colors as the Hasbro versions and not their Takara toys. Like other toys of the time, the Masterforce releases came out around the same time as the G1 versions. All the neat monsters in Masterforce help add to it's more unique spot in Transformers history. It's got more in common with more traditional super robot or tokusatsu productions. All those scary monsters  and fireworks sure make for a fun and spooky summer.

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