Monday, May 9, 2022

Weekly Update 5/9/22


It's a new week here on Zone Base and I've got a fun week planned for you all. This past weekend was a peaceful one. I don't have much to really tell all you happened though. A trip to Target resulted on finding Mike and Lucas from the Stranger Things Features figures. Just need Will and I'll have the line finished.

I hope they continue making them, it's a really fun little set of figures. I also found Legacy core class Hot Rod. Walmart had Legacy Blaster much to my surprise. Their Transformers was mostly over stocked with bots I already own, so finding him floating around in the wrong area was unexpected. Dollar Tree still didn't have any new Final Faction toys, but I grabbed some wacky Block mini figures while there.

I happily watched Demon House for the millionth time with the Mrs while eating dinner. I really like the Morning Star vegetarian buffalo wings with some Nathan's crinkle cut fries. Straight from the air fryer and into my belly! I dozed off towards the end of the movie. Don't worry, I know what happens.

Sunday we spent some time working in our flower bed and cleaning up the front porch. Every spring means time to clean out the old mulch and put new in! We had gotten some new solar lights to put out there. The old ones still look good, but after a year of being outside have lost a little luster. They'll be going in the back patio replacing the former old solar lights currently there. Unfortunately those got broken by some preasure washers who weren't paying attention while working. 

The rest of Sunday was spent playing Kirby on my Switch while enjoying a strawberry Ramune before Mom came over for dinner. She usually does on Sunday, but seeing as it was Mother's Day this time we had a present for her. I had surprised the Mrs Friday morning at her job for the occasion. The cats wanted me to get her something you know. I guess I had something to tell you all about this weekend after all. There is a fun week of posts ahead, I mentioned that earlier. Thank you for continuing to support Zone Base. Please share with your friends!

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