Monday, April 11, 2022

Update from Planet Zone: 4/11/22


The weekend is over and it's time for a new week here on Planet Zone! This one flew by a little faster than I expected but still had a good time. Most of the weekend was spent helping the Mrs find Squishmallows. Between hitting up a Kroger Saturday that had recently gotten a bunch to going to a few Five Below's for their most recent event. Over the course of the weekend I got some neat stuff too. The Kroger did turn up some interesting Transformers bootlegs for $2 each. They had upscaled Legend class Hot Shots and what I initially thought was Cyberjets. I grabbed an orange Cyberjet and realized shortly after it was an odd Robotech bootleg. Pretty random for a grocery store bootleg robot.

The Legacy Arcee I got last weekend was missing some stuff, so it got returned. Target had gotten some new Core Class figures, but only has Iguanus left. Fortunately that's the one I wanted most. They had a good bit of stuff, but it was stuff I already had. Hopefully I can get another Arcee soon... as well as more Legacy stuff. We checked Walmart afterwards and same story. Well stocked, but stuff I already have. I skipped getting a retro Megazord this week, but still plan on getting them all. I did get the 'Power of Grayskull' He-Man from the Netflix show. Been wanting that one, I love translucent figures. They had Man-E-Faces as well, but I'll grab him later. Out of Million Warriors, but I figure those are selling fast. Perfect thing for an Easter Basket.

Sunday was that Five Below event and we hit up a few to find ones she was after. There's new stackable Squishmallows and they're well sought after. I got some cool Bakugan (individual names are escaping me at the moment) and may make a point to complete the Mystic Pack set I see at Five Below. It's a good looking set, and I have a few already. They're just the right price there, but I do have some more expensive ones that have a lot of cool extras. Really glad I fell down this rabit hole. It's been a lot of fun.

While between Five Belows, we stopped at a Dollar Tree. Easter is next weekend and we grabbed some inexpensive stuff to make Easter Baskets for our nieces. While there I got the new versions of the Transformers bag clip figures. Initially I thought they were the same as before, but they're noticeably smaller and the sculpts look a little different. That could just be me, but they're cheap enough to not worry about an extra set. The ongoing hunt for new Final Faction figures finally came up with some figures. There's still plenty of new stuff to find, but I at least got Riptide and Amari. It's a discount line at a time where there's various issues keeping stores stocked. Just gotta be patient. Who'd have thought a discount line would be this cool? Oh yeah, me. I've been praising it since it first hit. Real ones know.

It's fun getting new figures each week and with so much new stuff hitting, it's exciting to find it as it hits. I still haven't found the new Studio Series Soundwave yet. I'd joke that I'll see Elvis first... but I already did in 2004. I've got a fun week planned for you all. Thanks for reading Zone Base and your continued support. I know it's spring time and most of you want to get out there and have some fun. So it means alot that you're still taking the time to read my nonsense. There's a new episode of Transform Squadron coming soon (I promise) that I hope you all enjoy. As always, don't forget to share with your friends! 

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