Monday, February 21, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Living in the Amityville Horror


I'm endlessly entertained by the Amityville Horror. Not the movies, but the real life events. I'll watch documentaries and read news clips. It's fascinating to me. Probably because I was a young child when it was a more common 'real life' horror story. One thing that often crosses my mind is, the people that lived there before the murders and the haunting. Did they just see their old home on the news and say 'holy crap'? When the movies and notoriety came, were they like 'we used to live there, holy crap'?

I've heard before that Piper Laurie (the mom from Carrie) once lived there. I can't find anything to back that up online, but that'd be a weird coincidence if true. I'm honestly not that concerned if the haunting is true or not. I do admit, those old photos still make me a little uncomfortable. I used to see them in all those 'house from hell' articles as a kid and nothing can shake off the spooky vibes they carry.

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