Thursday, February 3, 2022

Fuzzy Pumper Monster Shop


Fuzzy Pumper Monster Shop is probably one of the the worst names for a toy that I can imagine. There's just no way to say that out loud without feeling a little embarrassed. Oddly enough, Fuzzy Pumper (sigh) was a line of Play-Doh sets that still continues to this very day! Now they're called 'Buzz n' Cut' or 'Crazy Cuts' because... dude. Awkward names aside, this is the classic Play-Doh barbershop. You know how it works, Put the head on the thing, push the 'doh' through and watch the wacky crazy hair grow! Then give it a hair cut, any crazy style you want. Any color!

What's so special about this set is that it's a particularly spooky themed one. MONSTERS! The wolfman's got a funky green and red beard! Frankenstein's got a pink dreadlocks! The Zombie has a Chelsea because it's into 90's alt rock! Then when your monster customer gets mad at the terrible job you did on it's precious hairdo, you can just lock it up! There's a crypt to store your monster away with a chain! Everyday is Halloween on Planet Zone. With the Fuzzy Pumper (sigh) Monster Shop it can be Halloween at your home base too!

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