Friday, January 7, 2022

Slug/Slag (Cyberverse)


Not going to lie, this is one of the most impressive figures I've seen in a while. Slug is just oozing personality and damn near impossible not to like. This is the Cyberverse Deluxe version of Slug (formerly Slag) and a real stand out. I love Dinobots (still need to find Snarl) and was all too happy to see him underneath the tree on Christmas (thanks to the Mrs!). If Cyberverse isn't your thing, then you're probably unaware just how much they nail the classic characters with a touch of stylized flair. I'm normally a big fan of the warrior class. Warrior class is a more simple figure, but in that simplicity is an accidental throwback to older robot figures. Still, I've gotten some of the Deluxes (need to get Hot Rod and Bumblebee still) as they're quite nice. As of right now, I think Slug is the best one they've done.

Slug turns into his trademark triceratops and looks 100% like classic Slag in both forms. HOWEVER, in that stylized flair I talked about above is some extra charm. They've added spikes and a facial expression that makes him look as if he walked off the pages of a Generation 2 comic. If they ever repaint this mold, I really hope it's in green or red. It's one of those things I just can't un-see. 

As a figure on his own, Slug is pretty great. Make no mistakes, I'm outright gushing. I was completely blown away by how good this figure is. If I have anything that resembles a complaint about him, it's that I had a little trouble transforming him. The robot mode legs make up the rear section of the dinosaur and arranging them didn't go so smoothly. I haven't seen any other complaints about this, so that very well could just be me being clumsy. Outside of that, Slug is well articulated and decently so in dino mode as well. Instead of a sword, he's packing a hatchet and the gun you normally see him use. The two can be combined which makes for a great cannon for the triceratops. There's also one of those action effect blast thingies included to plug onto the guns barrels. I normally don't care much for those, but in this case I actually like it. This toy is so good it sold me on something I normally don't like!

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