Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Micro Sized (Transformers Edition)


The World's Smallest Micro Action Figures line is a pool I've dipped my toes in a little bit since it's inception. At Christmas, the Mrs put a ton in with my presents and I may have gotten hooked. Today I'm going to talk about the Transformers ones. There is two scales, Micro Action Figures and Miniature. Micro is individually sold, while Miniature comes in blind boxes. I'm just the mini Optimus shy of having a complete set. Both sizes come with "packaging" that they can be removed from and put back in. Micro's have some articulation and come with removable display stands and accessories depending on the figure. He-Man as a ton, Bumblebee has none. Mini so far has no articulation and display stands glued on.

So far the Transformers series is Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream. You all know I'm favoring Bumblebee right out of the gate, but Starscream may have the most impressive sculpt. Starscream though has the least impressive paint with Optimus leading in that department. I do wish they had weapons like others, I guess Starscream technically does. I'm probably not doing them any justice in the pictures, but they're REALLY cool.

When I say these guys are tiny, I mean it. They're 1.25" tall with three points of articulation (arms, head), the mini's are roughly half that. If only they'd have leg articulation then they'd make great Diaclone or Zoids pilots. They look to use the same sculpts as the Dollar Tree Transformer minis. If so, I hope more will be coming using the other characters at some point. There's other series as well. GIJOE, Masters of the Universe, Power Rangers, MEGO Monsters, and so on. They pair well with NANO Metal Figs, Micro Machines, and other tiny sized toys. Clearly these little guys are right up my alley and I can see them occupying Micromaster bases. I do plan on this being an ongoing series focusing on tiny toys. Don't worry, they won't take up much room.

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