Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Barricade (Authentics)


I've always been a fan of the lower end basic figures. There's a charm to the simplicity and sometimes the low price is just the right thing. Less can be more. As such, I was a fast fan of Authentics. I've always had a love for discount store toys and a version of Transformers intended for that market was a happy combination. Not every figure has been a Masterpiece, but there's a few stand outs in the little line. Barricade is one. The Mrs put it in my stocking Christmas morning and he's a fun little toy. Barricade is one of the smaller Authentics figures. I've been calling them the smaller ones this whole time, though I've seen web sites refer to them as either Alpha or Bravo. 

Barricade follows the precedent set by the Michael Bay movies of him being a Decepticon Police car. Originally the character was a Micromaster F-1 race car and then later the name was often reused sporadically. This version seems to be based on his TF5 and Earth Wars depictions. Not bad, I'm really fond of that look and it comes off well here. I also like Police car deco Transformers. You've probably noticed he's pretty basic in the paint department, but that's going to happen with a discount figure. It's mostly noticeable in car mode, the robot mode came out better in that aspect. 

For an inexpensive figure, Barricade has more articulation than I expected. Head, shoulders, elbows,legs, knees, and even feet move satisfyingly. A little less hollow and he could pass for a core class. The toy almost feels like it was designed for another line or project. More recent Authentics have been pretty good, but there's definitely a different vibe going on here. Being a discount figure I don't foresee more information into his development coming. I'll just be content to theorize he started out in a different direction. Barricade is a great little figure and pretty surprising considering everything. I really like him and am still surprised just how well he came out. I know Authentics aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I drink from my own cup. No backwash.

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