Thursday, January 20, 2022

Aliens (M.A.R.S. Heroes)


I'd been sitting on the fence over these weird little figures for several years now. Not sure exactly how long, but a quick Google search tells me they were first released in 2006. It was probably around 2016 when I first took note of them, about 10 years after they were first released. I'm familiar with the M.A.R.S. Converters line of inexpensive robot toys and occasionally see this 'Heroes' sub line at odd discount stores. There's Troopers, Megabots, some odd vehicles, and what we're looking at today, the Aliens. Mainly sold at discount stores in multi packs or the odd single figure, I always see them at Ross around Christmas. Which is where I finally pulled the trigger on this set. Stopping by our local store with the Mrs a few weeks ago led me to look for Zoids (they randomly show up there) and didn't want to leave empty handed. 

I've been seeing others in Microman groups talk pretty big about these little weirdos and have been pretty tempted to grab a set. I'm so glad I did as these are some great little Microman/Micronaut -esque figures. Considering I paid about 5$ (after Christmas clearance) for the multi pack of three, they were a steal. I'm often blown away by the quality of some discount toy lines (Final Faction, The Corps) and despite the age of the molds, they were pretty decent quality. The packaging encourages mixing the various parts to come up with your own custom figures. Obviously I didn't do that in the picture aside from the shoulder mounted weapons. 

While they look to be the same toy mold castes in different colors, the blue arms have big claws, while the green body has a different head dome. In some great bright translucent colors with ample metallic paint and different weapons. Two green pistols, a slightly larger orange gun, and a blue melee weapon that's not showing up well in the picture. Also the before mentioned shoulder weapons. Thanks to all the various connection points being ball joints, there is quite a bit of articulation. I haven't gotten the other M.A.R.S. Heroes, but am pretty tempted now. It was a fun Saturday night spent eating sushi and playing with my new off brand Alien Invaders. If you happen upon a set, they're well worth picking up. I strongly recommend some spicy tuna rolls and paranormal TV to go along with them. 

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