Thursday, October 28, 2021

That dude is Creepy

If I'm going to talk about creepy robots this week, then obviously there's one very specific Gobot to cover. Creepy is a Monster Gobot (or Gildis as a Devil Invader) who is a special toy. The normal retail version was black and purple (Gildis was black and red), however Tonka offered a special green and purple version via mail in promotion. Complete with spooky commercial!

Basically if we're having a spooky week, there's no bot more perfect than Creepy. IT'S EVEN IN HIS NAME! Creepy is mostly die-cast metal with some plastic parts. Like all Gobots, the plastic can be brittle, so finding one with broken legs is pretty common. You can see in the picture that the tip of a leg on mine is broken. Those legs can actually be bent back in robot mode and I always forget to do so. Creepy transforms into a radical scorpion like monster machine...thing.

One day I need to get the purple version, but it's hard not to be happy with this one. The bright green and purple are beautifully eye searing. It looks as if he just crawled out of a vat of mutant slime. Evil mutant slime to be exact, because he's a bad guy. Creepy is a solid figure, one again decently articulated for a toy of it's time. That's mostly due to the weird monster mode. The creative transformation provides moving parts. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but the chest rotates taking arms and head with it. Creepy is an awesome Gobot and thanks to the two different versions not super hard to come by. The perfect spooky robot to spend Halloween with, but he might still your candy.

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