Tuesday, October 12, 2021

I don't know who Ziggy and Zon is but...

According to a Google search, Ziggy and Zon's World was a store that closed in 1997 and apparently was regarded as wacky. I don't know how wacky it actually was, but with a name like Ziggy and Zon... whoa. It looks like a pretty charming little store. All my local stores are big chains, well, except for that weird gas station/grocery store/butcher/U-Haul/restaurant place a few miles away. But I don't go there, smells like farts. Ziggy and Zon's looks like the kind of place that holds onto everything until it sells, meaning you'd probably find some really cool old costumes. The make-up kits are probably expired and cost more than they do at Walmart, but dude Paas WWF kits! Thinking about it, that local store I mentioned may have them too, and they make keys!

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