Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dracodon the Radioactive!

I finally found Dracodon this past weekend at Gamestop. I quite like these new Core Class Transformers and can't wait to find Soundwave. Not to mention it's impossible for me to dislike the neon green skeleton that is Dracodon. A straight repaint of Vertebreak that manages to look completely new with just a different color, he is awesome. I've been a big fan of the Fossilizers in general,and even though this isn't technically one... what's not to love about skeleton dinosaur Transformers? The idea sells itself! Despite looking like a member of the Devil Invaders or a Dokuro Man, Dracodon is a Maximal. The bright radioactive green colors are impossible to ignore and I can't think of a better time than Halloween to get him. This is a great toy and my only regret is that there isn't more weird colored versions of him to buy.

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