Monday, October 25, 2021

A Terrorizing New Week

It's a new week here on Planet Zone and the week before Halloween. Needless to say this will be a specifically spooky week on Zone Base. It's hard to believe we're already coming to an end of the spooky season. It's been a super fun one and I've been happy to celebrate it with all of you again this year. Even though the pumpkin spice mayhem will cool down next week. I've still got plans to keep scary stuff around all year. You all know the Base is haunted, right?

This weekend I didn't do a whole lot. Checked out Ollie's for Transformers that I may have missed in their Christmas stock. Nope, just dudes I already have. Then popped in Big Lots to hopefully find that MOTU Eternian Palace Guard set that's been showing up there. Nope, again no luck. They did have some cool Playskool Power Rangers with bike sets that I'll go back and get eventually. I did stop at Target and behold finally found the new Target exclusive Stranger Things figures! 

I grabbed Dustin and Eleven and plan to get the larger Demogorgon and Demodog later. The other kids will follow in future waves, so I'll have to be patient. Bandai really knocked these out of the park. We'll be talking about them later. If you don't know, trust me, they're great. Target also had the Dino Fury T-Rex Champion Megazord. I've been looking forward to this Megazord set all year and took him home as well. The other Zords will be purchased soon. These are too great.

I carved my pumpkins Sunday. One Jason Voorhees and one Grim Reaper. I originally planned to do a Michael Myers, but had a hard time picking a template from my Halloween 2 jack o' lantern book. Yes, they make that and I own it. The Switch Online expansion pack releases today and I'm looking forward to adding it as soon as it's available to me. Sega and N64 channels? Deal. I'm about to spend the day doing site work and household chores. Such is a Monday. I've got a spooky fun week planned, hope everyone enjoys it. Trick or Treat Zone Base readers. You can keep all your candy, but please share this site with your friends.

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