Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The One Thing I'm Not Is A Scaredy Cat

Garfield's Halloween Adventure is really a special kind of ...uh... special. You see, most Halloween specials revolve around the regular cast participating in the holiday. Maybe they're going to a party, or trick or treating. One thing's for sure is the general reveal of familiar faces in their costume. Here we see Garfield convince Odie to come with him, watch them make their costumes, and go out trick or treating. That's already how most Halloween specials go. That would be the entire thing. Maybe somebody would learn a lesson or something. Not here, nope, Garfield and Odie do that BEFORE finding themselves stranded on an island in a haunted house. It's just the type of thing you want to happen on Halloween. Spooky shit of the finest caliber. Garfield's Halloween Adventure is just the best. The best spooky shit.

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