Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Riding A High Horse And Opening A Can Of Whoop Ass

Stridor and Fisto are such a natural fit that you wonder why sometimes He-Man is depicted riding the robot horse. Naturally the new Eternia Minis Stridor comes packed with Fisto and it makes for a perfect set of toys. At first glace you may think it's the same Fisto as the single carded version, but like Beastman there's a difference. It's a small paint variation. His belt is unpainted and he doesn't come with his sword. The individual version has a painted belt and the sword. It's minor, I know, but these little things count in a 'collect them all' style toy line. I'd like to get them all, but realistically am happy to complete the sets I'm working on (that Stratos is going to drive me crazy).

This is another reason I wish they came with stickers. I'd like to make a notebook with a page for each series I'm working on. Each character in the series would have it's spot, and when found, I could put it's sticker there. I'd have a stamp made that said something like 'complete' and stamp it at the bottom of the page when I completed the series. I got the idea from some keshi collectors whom make videos of hunting down the figures. Usually mini figures come with a check list to keep up with who you've found and who to look for. Eternia Minis come with a leaflet doing that... but man, imagine a book full of stickers. Dang.

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