Thursday, September 23, 2021

Ghostbusting Machine

I have pretty fond memories of read a-long story books, had quite a few. Various He-Man, Transformers, and others. Hardee's had a great Gremlins set that I coveted back in the day. This Ghostbusters one has a great original song... probably due to Peter Pan books only licensing the bare minimum. I got more enjoyment out of the gangs calling their Proton Packs laser guns than I should have. Owing more to my enjoyment of games like Meikyuu Hunter G or Laser Ghost that have the same idea (Meikyuu Hunter G did get converted into The Real Ghostbusters after all). Since we're here talking Ghostbusters, check out my new Fright Features figures! I found Muncher the other day, just need... the rest.

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