Furious Megaton New Week

Normally I'd say it's Monday and you know what that means, but it's Tuesday and yesterday was a holiday. So it's now the beginning of a new week here on Planet Zone! Over the long weekend I pretty much chilled around the house. Did some housework, that kind of thing. I did get out a little Saturday though. This lead to finally finding Origins Bumblebee, Fright Features Winston, and the new Playmates Rodan and Gorosaurus. 

I hoped to find the Cyberverse Seeker set making appearances at Ollie's, but to no luck. Dammit. I did get the first volume of translated Batman manga and some soap though. A trip to Walmart with Mom led to finally finding the Eternia Minis Skeletor with Roton set. I'd been looking for a little while now. The wife picked me up the He-Man and Road Ripper set earlier in the week. Love these guys. Just wish I could find Stratos. Good grief, he's challenging. Speaking of MOTU, my preorder for the current Mega Construx wave that was put on backorder should be arriving today. 

I've got what I consider a fun week of posts planned. I've also got some errands to run soon, so I've got what feels like a busy day ahead of me. Thanks for continuing to support Zone Base and please share with your friends! 


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