Friday, September 10, 2021

All Assembly And No Meatballs Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Everybody loves The Shinning, it's a great movie. Honestly, I like it better than the book. Stanley Kubrick replaced a lot of filler words with 5 thousand shots of Scatman Crothers answering the phone exactly the same way until they remembered to put film in the camera got it just right. In the end it resulted in a movie that really portrayed the pure hell Danny and his family went through. It's so well recreated in this commercial for Ikea, that I was expecting Jack to pop out of one of those displays at any minute! When doing the Halloween content here on the site I run across a ton of old local furniture store commercials. Usually it's just the store's owner wearing a Dracula cape and doing a horrible Bela Lugosi impression while pitching no interested for 6 months.

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