Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Grim Grinning Freaks

One of the original plans for the Haunted Mansion was for it to feature some of the Disney Villains. I guess that's why I find the above segment as interesting as I do. These kids find themselves debating if they should go in the mansion or not. The little girl imagines various Disney Villains performing Grim Grinning Ghosts in front of the mansion (with those awesome spooky trees) and it really works. I could see a haunted house starring some of these guys, even though the Evil Queen did have her own spooky ride.

The video also reminds me of this kid I went to school with for a few years. At Halloween, he'd show up wearing a Captain Hook mask. Nothing else of the Ben Cooper costume, just the mask.  I strongly remember him just standing while the bus drove off watching us leave, wearing that mask. I didn't understand why it was creepy, but even the older kids on the bus got quiet. Pure evil. I don't know how long that mask survived, but I'm pretty sure he wore it while doing horrible things.

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