Thursday, August 26, 2021

Bios: Lio Convoy

"The balance of nature must be preserved by an unceasing battle for survival."

As far back as his memory records extend, Lio Convoy has been entrusted by the Builders with protection of equilibrium in the ecosystem over which he presides. However, Lio Convoy's understanding is that if either the Maximals or Predacons were to achieve superiority over their enemies, the inevitable result would be an imbalance leading to the downfall of their society. He interprets the brutality of war as nothing more than natural selection at work.

Lio Convoy is never seen without his Typhoon Staff, which was presented to him by the Builders as a symbol of his authority. It continually emits a hypnotic pulse that paralyses any bioorganic Transformer within a 1 km radius. Unbeknownst to Lio Convoy, the same pulse exerts a limiting effect on his internal Energon Matrix, restricting a power the extent of which even the Builders fail to fully grasp...

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