Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tales From Medical Hell Prt.1

To say this week has not gone as planned would be an understatement. It's night 2 at the hospital and I've gotten a little too used to the TV system already. So far I've put in viewings of Gozilla, Godzilla Raids Again, and the original Star Wars trilogy. Not counting various reruns of Golden Girls and Family Guy. I had planned to do some gaming or more updates to the site, but with doctor's in and out all day... it didn't happen. I did manage to pre-order T-Wrecks, so go me! 

I've got more doctor's work to be done before they let me go home. Going to be on some medication for awhile and a low sodium diet. Not forever, just for a while. So here's hoping I don't make any mistakes in the next few months. Don't feel like a heart transplant later and would rather not spend another week in a hospital. I'm finally in a room and not in the ER. So much cozier accommodations for the rest of the stay. Though the ER had a ghost that moaned the entire time. When I say ghost, I mean crazy old woman moaning non-stop. She may be a ghost.

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