Tuesday, July 20, 2021

ICU Shadow Man

The Spooky Summer stuff unfortunately has taken a backseat during my hospital stay forced break in posting. Though I do have a weird story to tell you of my week in the Intensive Care Unit. Early in I made jokes about an ER ghost. Just outside the room I was in a woman was strapped to a gurney and wailing loudly about how she was bleeding to death (she wasn't). This was for the entirety of the time in the Emergency Room before getting a room in the ICU Monday evening.

The ICU, it was pretty nice and quiet. Which is what brings me here today with this little story. I swear I saw a shadow person in my room several times. Could it have been a figment of my imagination? Sure, absolutely. But I saw it enough to spook me out on more than one occasion.

I wasn't heavily medicated. They experimented with different blood pressure medications while an IV dripped various medications to flush fluids from my body. The only sedation I had was when my heart catheter was performed Friday afternoon.

If you don't know what a shadow person is, a better explanation can be found by Google. Briefly, it's a person usually in shadow seen out the corner of your eye (sometimes during sleep paralysis). Generally believed to be a ghost, demon, or otherwise unnatural being. Whatever it was, that shadow jerk lurked around the left corner of my room. I'd be watching TV and there he'd be slinking around. It was just there enough to make me full stop turn and look. Of course nothing was there and it could have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. But when you're in and out of sleep late at night in the hospital.


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