Tuesday, July 20, 2021

He-Man In Space

While being off the past days recovering from my ICU stay, I've been taking in a lot of TV. Well, I've been taking in a lot of TV in between bouts of sleep. You'd be surprised just how tired you get after heart failure. One of the shows I've decided to spend some extra time with is 'The New Adventures of He-Man'. I spend so much time with G1 MOTU that the follow up almost gets forgotten sometimes.

Also, 'The New Adventures of old Christine' is always on late at night. This has nothing to do with that, but I am bewildered how such a long running show could air completely without me knowing.

With He-Man though, his new adventures are really a shot in the arm of rejuvenation as it takes the formula and changes it just enough. It's easy to dismiss as mostly forgotten by history, but it's pretty good. He-Man and Skeletor find themselves in the future on a planet named Primus taking part in their war. I won't go super into details as why, but that's the gist of it. Skeletor finds himself paired with the Evil Mutants while He-Man obviously is with the Galactic Guardians.

The toys are pretty different from the original. It's clear that a complete new direction was the idea. Later some of the molds would be reused for the Demolition Man toyline. The cartoon, while a western production, has a very anime look. It's pretty hard to ignore, so much that if you told me they recycled an anime to use... I'd have a hard time not believing it. It's distinctly in that 80's/early 90's anime style. Some scenes could easily be mistaken for Masterforce. Clearly I like it. While I'm not saying you should, I am saying it's worth checking out.

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