Friday, July 2, 2021

Happy 4th Of Summerween

It's the beginning of July and now that we're fully into summer, it's only natural to talk about a holiday four months away. But hey, what's logic got to do with Summerween? It's a holiday weekend. July 4th is celebrated here in the states usually with fireworks, pool parties, and grilling. It's a good time. 

Ever see Silver Bullet? Marty fends off the werewolf with a bottle rocket on 4th of July and later the final battle is on Halloween night.

Something about these extra few nights off makes for great horror watching. A plate of leftovers from the cook out and kick back with something spooky. It's not just my nonsense, the Halloween spirit is in the air now. More and more pumpkin spice mayhem will soon appear. It's a good time.  

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