Thursday, July 1, 2021

Transformers United EX#10: Hope For The Next Generation (part 2)

Amidst a long and vicious battle with many of his comrades sustaining damage, Assaultmaster proceeded into the cave rumored to be a Decepticon hideout.
As if being drawn in by some unseen force, Assaultmaster moved deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Strangely, Clouder could detect no trace of life from within it. Just as he began to doubt whether this “High Regent” really existed or not, a voice rang out within his mind… or more precisely, from within Assaultmaster’s body.

“I thank you, Major Clouder… or as you were known as our ally, “Doubleclouder.” This sparkless body is an ideal vessel for me. Now, the true master of the future to come… is the High Regent Scrash!”

Clouder’s control of Assaultmaster was being rapidly eroded. He struggled to activate the combiner’s internal Immobilizer unit, setting it to overload.

“Now I understand what you are… But I won’t let your scheme come to pass!”

So began a battle that held in its grip the fate of a new era…

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