Monday, July 19, 2021

Back Home

It's a new week and you know what that means...I'm back home. After a week in the ICU I got released yesterday. We stopped to pick up some stuff from the store and my medication and I pretty much passed out. It's good to be home. I've got to spend the next week recuperating before I go back to work. Even looking up a video for this post wore me out.

Thanks all of you for your continued support while I was in the hospital. I plan on doing more posts this week and hopefully getting back into my groove next week. It's baby steps and honestly a lot harder to write a post when you feel like crap than you'd imagine. Once again thank you for reading Zone Base even during this less than fabulous time of posts. It'll get back to normal before long, just bare with me while I try to get back to normal. As always, please share with your friends.

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