Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Zodac Goes Swimming

Toy news is a fickle things. When it comes to big ticket, 'collectors' pieces, you'll know about a year ahead of time that it's coming. The other stuff will be discovered by news sites after you've already got it. That's the story with the newest Mega Construx MOTU set. The Skeletor head sets have been around since late last year. They're neat little sets that are basically a build-able accessory with a figure. The head can also serve as a means to display them. They also look cool. Who doesn't love a plastic skull?

The new discovery is that apparently in the current shipments, the Fisto set has been replaced by Zodac with SCUBATTACK! This is a certainly a welcome addition, but also a confusing one. In the picture to the side, I sloppily cropped out the new toy with arrows to point out what to look for. As you can see, it looks practically just like the other heads. Gold/Bronze face with light purple hood (enlarge the picture by clicking on it). 

Unless something was to alert you that this one was different than the others, you may not pay attention to the fact that it was indeed not. It's been the talk of Mega Contrux MOTU groups all weekend. There's two in a shelf pack, like there's two of each set normally. These sets are generally at Walmart and Target in my area and easy to come by, but only the older sets. I've got to basically wait for stock to get swapped out for the new head. Which may or may not be anytime soon. It may be a long game as it wasn't until spring when they showed up at my local stores. It's just a matter of regular checking until I get one, which a week or so later the news sites will report it.

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