Monday, June 28, 2021

This Ain't No Last Week

It's the start of another new week here on Planet Zone! Robots, Monsters, and Misadventure are the flavor of the day here and I've got a full menu planned for you this week. Spooky Summer/Summerween is in full effect as we're heading into July. With it is the July 4th holiday weekend, which means a much needed mini vacation for me. I plan on doing some grilling and organizing my toy room in between napping a lot. Since summer is a spooky season, I sure do plan on watching some scary stuff! Speaking of spooky, there's a new Not as Brightly Lit up for you to enjoy! I still got a week until that mini vacation, but I'm not phoning it in here. Thanks for continuing to support Zone Base. Please share with your friends!

You know, if they would have called the Mario movie anything else...

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