Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Singular Point Of Godzilla

Godzilla : Singular Point debuted on Netflix here in the states this weekend after what felt like forever. The prior Godzilla anime trilogy on Netflix was hard to enjoy. Sure there was good stuff, but by part three I was done. Singular Point, however, has been more enjoyable so far (I'm about halfway through). 

Singular Point manages to be both frantic and in no hurry. The story revolves around two different groups performing different investigations. They are brought together by the ongoing chaos that's just fun to watch. The show is funny and weird and kind of gives me SSSS Gridman vibes. I'm surprised by how much that I like  Rodan. Going by all the lead up material, I wasn't completely sold. 

Like everything else, Singular Point isn't for everybody. Your experience may vary, and that's ok. It kind of feels like a Millennium era story. Which would be the ideal era for a Godzilla anime to take place from. It's hard not to love the Otaki Factory. I want to hang out with them.

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