Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Striking Dinosaurs By Hunting Them

It's been a little while since I've talked Dino Strike here... and I wanted to again. The newest and current series 'Dino Strike Hunt' is pretty great. This time it's a mix of dinosaurs with removable capture devices and hunter vehicles. Instead of fighting dinosaurs with battle armor, they're being hunted! The dinosaurs are still really solid and the vehicles are pretty fun. There's 10 different toys with a variety of common to rare pieces.

Even though 'Hunt' is a departure from the armor and firing rockets of the prior series, the theme still feels natural. The capture devices range from muzzles, to a variety of chains, and one even has a trap that it's foot can be stuck in. The hunter vehicles are neat. Two jeeps and a helicopter with capture claws and firing rockets (a giant crossbow on the helicopter). The second camouflaged jeep is one of the more rare toys of the series, which I oddly appreciate for reasons unknown even to me.

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