Monday, May 3, 2021

Going Ape This Week

Nothing warrants a trip back in time like a Monday! It's going to be a weird week. Tuesday I get my second vaccination shot and will be feeling like crap afterwards! There's a new episode of Not As Brightly Lit available for your taste of pumpkin spice in spring. We're halfway to Halloween, but everyday is Halloween on Zone Base! Speaking of the spooky season, it's the first week of May and you know what that means? Spooky Summer will be starting soon! After Memorial Day weekend, summer starts and the scary party will begin on Zone Base! If this is your first summer as a reader, that means spooky clips and posts all through summer leading up the the big Zone Base Halloween Celebration! Which will technically still be summer since that starts in early August! Two months of Spooky Summer, three months of Halloween. FIVE WHOLE MONTHS OF SPOOKY SHIT. It's a pretty good time. Thanks for reading Zone Base and please share with your friends!

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