Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Shit Slush Head

In the late 80's Mattel decided to refresh He-Man by taking him to space in 'The New Adventures of He-Man'. No longer fighting armies of living Halloween decorations on Eternia, He-Man finds himself fighting space mutants on the planet Primus (no relation). In the mini-comics, Skeletor takes control of the Evil Mutants and it's business as usual. In the cartoon however, Skeletor makes an alliance with the leader of the Evil Mutants Flogg. 

Slush Head is a swamp creature member of the Evil Mutants. The fish bowl on his head is full of swamp water to keep him alive when he's having new adventures with He-Man. In toy form this makes for a neat toy gimmick as do his tentacles. Looking straight out of a cheesy sci fi B movie he also is packing a matching laser gun that can double as an axe. If Slush Head can't shoot you, I guess he can cut your head off.

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