Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Robotic Treasure

After what seemed like forever, I finally completed the Hershey's Treasure Surprise Transformers toys. I had been steadily putting two on each weeks grocery list. Sometimes they were out, sometimes they weren't. There's a visceral joy after bringing your grocery delivery inside and opening the little blue treasure chests. Though after many, many, many repeats of Starscream and Optimus Prime... it does get a little tedious. A random trip to CVS last Sunday lead to an entire brand new case and I grabbed one on a whim. This finally gave me a Bumblebee completing the set. I have no clue how Bumblebee was the impossible one to find.

The figures are roughly an inch and are cast in their primary colors with a small touch of paint for details. They're a stiff plastic, not soft and rubbery as you'd think looking at them. The sculpting is pretty good with some than others. Optimus and Bumblebee have more simpler sculpts than the others. Megatron and Grimlock are pretty impressive and probably my favorite of the bunch. Starscream is good, probably a the mid point of the series. Despite the frustration of getting a lot of repeats, I did like chasing after them. I'd like to see another series. This kind of thing is my specific thing.

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