Monday, December 14, 2020

Don't Let E.T. Ruin Your Week

I still remember that Christmas morning. My older brother and I's stockings were full of Atari games. The packaging made them a perfect fit for the big red socks and one of those big ass Tootsie Roll piggy banks full of candy that never got ate. Of all the games we got that Christmas, I think Circus was my favorite. I loved that game. We also got E.T, like every other kid in our school. I was pretty excited, E.T was all the rage. Speaking of rage have you ever played the game? 

Fortunately I was too young to get mad at it. I just enjoyed the opening music and walking around the forest as E.T... fell in another pit.. I'd beat the game over and over. Hopefully this week won't fill you as full of rage as this game has a lot of people. I've got a week full of fun posts to hopefully help you enjoy your week. Which I really hope isn't anything like this game.

I hope you aren't endlessly chased by government agents through woods (or in general) and really hope you don't fall into a pit... or hundreds of pits. I'd also advise you don't eat any random Reese's (or any other candy) you find laying on the ground in said forest. If so, I'd strongly recommend you really pursue that whole 'new year, new me' thing in January.

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