Friday, December 11, 2020

Bumblebee Strikes A Blizzard

The Dollar General Kreon Iceberg continues as we take a look today at Blizzard Strike Bumblebee. As the name implies, he's the Blizzard/White version of the Armor Up Bumblebee I spoke about earlier this week. I've yet to find the Night Strike variation... and hopefully I will soon. It's stealthy. 

Blizzard Strike Bumblebee however is fantastic looking. Like the other color variations of these guys he's a straight recolor of the regular toy. His armor is white to match his arctic theme, while the rest of it as well as the standard kreon is this WONDERFUL translucent/clear yellow that just POPS. There's sharp, and then there's this.

I've always been a fan of translucent colors on Transformers and this is a prime example of why. It just looks marvelous. Of course the Microman resemblance is strong here. The standard Kreon looks a lot like a Microman M10X type or with the armor a little like a Rescue M25X type. It's funny how just a few colors can make a recolor look like a different Microman, but it does. When Hasbro first got the Micronauts license, I said they should use them in Kre-O.

I was so right.

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