Friday, October 23, 2020

Fright To The Finish (1954)

In Fright to the Finish, Popeye and Bluto are spending Halloween night with Olive Oil reading scary stories. Sounds like a good time with friends right? It would be if Popeye and Bluto were friends and not mortal enemies forever locked in combat over the affections of Olive Oil.

Bluto pretends to go home, and then begins slinging spooky shit all over Popeye and Olive's evening. Ghosts, headless horseman, and all sorts of classic scares are in his arsenal. The jerk then lays blame on Popeye leading Olive Oil to kick the sailor man out of her house and onto her yard in which her milkshake brought both boys to.

Popeye ain't having this shit though and pulls his own ghostly pranks, running away Bluto and winning some smooches from Olive. Make no mistakes about it, this is a classic Halloween cartoon. TBS always included it in their annual Tom and Jerry Halloween Special. I grew up watching this every year as the spooky season went on. Honestly, I don't think I ever grew out of it.

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