Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cursed Halloween In Bed

No matter how much I hate for Halloween to be over, it's super nice to stretch out in bed after everything's all said and done. Usually the wife is fast asleep while I watch Treehouse of Horror on FXX before passing out myself. Something about Autumn makes sleeping so much better. Especially this year where the part of Daylight Savings Time everyone likes is on Halloween night! Extra long Halloween AND morning after!

I've never been to The Bedroom (the store). As somebody who just bought a brand new bed last year, I wish there was one around here. Look at those prices! But really, it's hard to focus on those prices when there's a FUCKING HUMAN FACED PUMPKIN IN THE WINDOW. That pie joke sure would be wouldn't ... who opened the window for him anyway? STOP WATCHING ME SLEEP YOU ORANGE FREAK.

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