Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bootleg TMNT Halloween Costumes On Prime Time News

I couldn't even come up with a jokey title for today's post. The subject alone man... Lets go back 30 years ago to a world where the first TMNT movie had came out recently and every kid wanted to be Raphael for Halloween. What's a costume shop owner to do? Order some name brand costumes like Walmart has? Nah, put a bandanna on a generic turtle mask and sell it with some green sweat pants. $20 kid, we got all dem turtles. Who ya wanna be? Donald, Lionel?

Bootleg costumes aren't anything new, but when they make the evening news... that's kind of awesome. I miss when local news did stuff like this. 1990 was my first year not going trick or treating. I wore some random make up and weird sheet robe thing my Mom forced upon me to school. Then it was Pizza Hut and staying up all night. The kids at my school were big enough jerks about my non-Pump Reeboks, I can only imagine showing up in one of those turtle outfits. Fast forward to adulthood and I'd win best costume.

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