Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Rescue Of Pops Ghostly

Nothing says summer like a cook out. Maybe your Aunt and Uncle from out of town came over one weekend to visit. You played badminton with your cousin while Mom and Auntie Farts When She Walks made home made ice cream. Dad and Uncle Skeeter No Teeth stood by the grill drinking beer. Everybody ate to much and the dog stole a hot dog. As night time rolled around, it was time for the more creepy parts of summer to work their way in. Wanna watch Friday The 13th? Maybe your cousin isn't allowed to watch scary movies, but wants to play a video game instead.

This is where The Action Max game console by Worlds of Wonder came in... if you had one. Honestly, if not for the display at Richway, I'd probably have never played it. The console attached to a VCR, and the games were on video cassette. No really. They were light gun games in which targets would appear over a short movie. No matter how good or bad you did, the movie just played right along with your score displayed at the end. It was pretty neat, if not limited in scope.

If your family had an Action Max, you could have popped in The Rescue of Pops Ghostly for some spooky shit. Spooky shit being requisite for those summer nights staying up all night with your cousin who might be traumatized by the terrifying ghosts on screen... and I mean terrifying. The game is a comedy, but even the 'good guy' ghosts are nightmare fuel. Performed with frightening puppets floating around a pretty well done haunted house setting. You know what? Our parents have went to sleep, let's just watch Friday the 13th instead. Jason ain't got shit on Pops Ghostly.

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