Friday, July 17, 2020

Beastly Kingdom

The big unconfirmed rumor for a while now in Transformers is that the third part of the War for Cybertron trilogy would be Beast Wars themed. Which of course would make me ever so happy, but no matter how much the beast era was beloved by myself and it's other fans... it was a few years in a very long run of cars and jets. So I've never really expected anything more than a homage figure here and there. Then this image popped up today on the internet. Which makes some recent developments make a little sense.

The upcoming cues that Studio Series would shift to the 1986 movie were a welcome one for me. I've made it very clear that I have no problems with the live action movies. I even like them, but a specific toy line aimed directly at one of my favorite bits of G1? I'm sold. With Earthrise and the Generations lines before it... even with my enthusiasm I wondered what would the point be.

Unless there was specifically contracts needed to fill with the Studio Series line before a potential retiring of it. It's not unprecedented for Hasbro to put Generations figures in movie line packaging already, so I thought maybe it was part of a winding down for Studio Series. Makes sense, right?

Of course those beast era rumors never left my brain and I thought "I need to buy some Pepsi". After that it occurred to me that a beast era heavy line would be super risky in today's Transformers environment. So what if they shifted traditional Transformers to the side a little while doing the beast stuff? It'd add some variety to the shelves while also staying true to what people usually come to expect.

Let's look at that picture again, I made it a little bigger so we can make some things out. The TV cast of Beast Wars is represented with some G1 series regulars. In Robot Masters and other settings, they've had more traditional characters interact with the beast guys by various ways other than the 'Next Generation' setting. They could very well do that again here.

Maybe they're sticking some core characters into the line and on the posters for the sake of familiarity. Why's Optimus a monkey? Well, he's a there, that's another guy with a similar name. Makes sense. Maybe the story would be similar to the early Beast Wars story line as a new evolution of the Transformers. I've always kinda wanted to see how that would have played out.

Nothing is concrete about this yet. Maybe in a few days it'll be confirmed in some official way or come to light that it was just a concept that never got followed up on. Or just an elaborate hoax. Either way, having a new beast era is something I'd really be up for. I really want to see this kingdom come.

EDIT: I scheduled this post for midnight not knowing Netflix posted an answer while I was writing this post. I'm a happy fan!

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