Thursday, July 2, 2020

Dig That Mad Scientist Monster Kit

Smacks is a pretty good cereal, but I can't lie, it takes a good prize inside for me to get a box. I don't have to explain how badass the glow in the dark (swoon) Mad Scientist sticker set was. I've already expressed my appreciation for Mad Scientist here before, but man what a great toy line. As an adult I still love it's imagery and just looking at this ad for it just does it for me. Too gross, too yucky, too perfect.

The stickers in this set was pretty great. If you'll notice in the below back of box art, you'll see the paper insert with the perfect backdrop for bringing these freaks to life on. The stickers were an assortment of parts, enough to make three monsters with. Either with matching parts or mismatch together some real weirdos. There's no wrong way to be a Mad Scientist.

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