Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Jumpstarter Detroyers

Work with me here, but I had an idea. What's the one G1 toy anybody can get without any effort? Jumpstarters. The pull back motor driven Autobots whom flip into robot mode with style and grace (kinda). I've always been quite fond of duo, but even I can't deny just how easy it is to get a hold of a bunch without even trying. I'm willing to bet most Transformers fans have several that they can't even account for. Bootlegs or official, they're aplenty.

With super gimmicky Transformers aimed more at children these days, I can't help to think these guys would be a great idea to put on the shelves. Maybe not reissues, but newer figures with the gimmick. But kids these days demand more from their toys, they'll want more from their Jumpstarters, and then it hit me.

Canadian Destroyer Transformers. 

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