Thursday, June 18, 2020

Don't Talk To Strangers Janine!

No matter how many fancy ghost fighting devices the Ghostbusters had, they never seem quite equipped for the absolute nightmarish hellscape they found themselves in most of the time. Normally, it's a good idea not to talk to strangers. You could really get yourself in a bad situation by doing so or even worse find yourself stuck in a vacuum of nodding while whomever the hell it is just keeps prattling on about... something. Their dog?

Egon and Janine are somehow at a airport in an alleyway. What seems to be two different well meaning persons with random vehicles turns out to be HELL ON EARTH. Even the tiny plane and motor scooter that Janine seemed to think could fit three people get in on the act. There's a point with the Fright Feature figures where I wonder just how far away from pants shitting action Kenner was from introducing in the line. New from Kenner, Pants Shitting Ghostbusters! We ain't 'fraid of no ghost! *shits pants*

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