Thursday, March 5, 2020

Star Wars NES

I've been yearning to revisit the NES version of Star Wars for a while now. I've got a new copy of it to play thanks to my AtGames Star Flashback Blast!, just finding the time to play it hasn't been on my side. I've always vastly preferred the Super Star Wars games to the 8-bit Star Wars games, they're still pretty fun. I'm mentally taken back to those weekends spent with a rental copy of the game, one of those giant cans of Ecto Cooler, and a pizza. While that's still my preferred way to spend a weekend, they don't make those big ass cans of Hi-C anymore. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in one of those weekends soon. Man, that would be awesome.

unfortunately Darth Vader's transformations aren't in this version

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