Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Spooky Snacks For 2020!

As the season changes to spring we get some of the first looks at some upcoming Halloween candy. While it may seem early to some of you, it's pretty much right on time. Halloween is big business and the companies start working on the following year literally on November 1st. It's around nowtime that they start airing them out for stores to get those orders in.

Franken-Cup Reese's look positively divine. Themed after Frankenstein, these peanut butter cups have a green creme layer at the bottom of the cup. I'm sure it's just colored white chocolate, but that's enough to add to spooky up a peanut butter cup for the season. Actually Reese's brings the noise every year, so this is just them showing off. When you show the level of dedication they do, it's allowed.

I can't say I'm super excited for the Chocolate Popcorn M&M's. Not because it sounds bad, it doesn't, it sounds pretty good actually. It. I just have a hard time getting excited for M&M's. Yes, they're good and all. Just... shrug emoji. While you may be asking yourself why would Chocolate Popcorn M&M's be for the Halloween season? Well for starters, with the metric ton of other M&M' varieties released every half second... why not? Most appropriately though, imagine all the horror movie marathons and Halloween specials you'll be taking in during the season. So what's the stereotypical snack for movie watching? 

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