Monday, March 30, 2020

I Was 42 And The World Was In Flames

Today was my birthday, so I hope you all don't mind me being slack on getting something posted so late. Since it was on a Monday, my wife had me a little celebration on Saturday. My mom came over and I spent the morning... sleeping because I work at night, but early afternoon opening the great presents they got me. Transformers, Kaiju, spooky shit, a brand new grill (woo!), a super retrocade, cold hard cash/gifcards, and more!

Spoiling me rotten included take out (can't actually dine in anywhere due to covid-19) from Red Robin (I love Red Robin) and some great cup cakes made by the Mrs. It was a great day followed by a Sunday of watching Tales from the Darkside. Monday, my actual birthday was intended to be spent playing my new copy of Link's Awakening but got side tracked with a small dental emergency. What a day. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base, and fair warning, you've got two months until Spooky Summer/Halloween starts, and I've been busy cultivating since January. Spoiler Warning: There's some messed up crap coming.

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