Monday, March 16, 2020

Biohazard: The Real 3

So maybe the timing of using this commercial isn't the best, but considering we're all making the jokes... So far the virus pandemic has canceled a LOT of things for a few weeks. Toylanta was canceled among other things. I know my updates from it are usually a pretty popular, and I'm pretty disappointed. It's best to be safe while things get under control though.

I've been utilizing online services such as mobile app ordering and taking most food home and shopping online mainly for years now. That habit seems to be the way to go for a while and with the move to streaming services for media (I've been seeing news of movie studios offering major motion pictures to in demand services) fortunately we live in a world ready for such a situation. I hope all of you reading this are ok and continue to do so. Follow the guidelines being put out by your local governments, wash your hands and stay on top of those things. A little personal responsibility can go a long way.

Be nice to each other. There's a lot of scared people out these and that trip to the grocery store could prove stressful. I went out to stock up Saturday unaware if my grocery pick up would be available or what would even be in stock. People were generally friendly and patient with each other and that was nice. That's how we'll get though this. Thanks each and every one of you for reading Zone Base. I'd be honored if you shared the site with others to help them pass the time. I know my site isn't the greatest, and I don't make anything from it. But if one of my bad jokes about an old robot toy helps pass the time, then I've done my job.

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