Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Cobra Pogo And Suddenly Things Make Sense

There's times where you'll see the various weaponry Cobra hads and question just how GIJOE always wins. Then there's this commercial and things make sense. Here's Cobra Commander in his new Cobra Pogo. I'm trying to make sense of a hopping frog vehicle. The Pogo has two laser rifles on it's bottom and rockets. I'm assuming it would have to be hopping in the air to get aim with those guns. The rockets? They're pointed directly up. I'm assuming the Pogo would need to be on the ground to launch those... it'd be like playing Angry Birds to shoot those huh?

What's the JOE'S new weapon? The SLAM. What's the SLAM you may ask? A cannon on wheels. What's a cannon? A big gun. They just drive up and shoot either the rockets (pointed forward) or the big ass four barrel cannon. So Cobra has the Pogo, which just hops around and shoots it's guns with debatable accuracy. While the GIJOE's drives up and shoot a million shots at the bouncing thing until they hit it. It's even in the commercial.

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