Monday, February 17, 2020

Sonic Claymation

Monday's are an odd day for me. Working at night usually means I'm free all Monday before going to work (aside from a nap). Usually I spend a lot of time uploading toy pics to Instagram if not running odd errands. Or both. Those Instagram days are usually have YouTube or Tubi running in the background while I arrange toys on my TV tray. One of my favorite things to watch is compilations of old commercials. Probably not a surprise to any of you, but I absolutely love it.

The above commercial is for the original Sonic The Hedgehog game. As you can see, the Japanese commercial featured a cool claymation Sonic dancing around while being cheered on by a crowd. The craftsmanship is pretty dang cool and hard not to like. I've always liked the Noid from Domino's, partially due to the clay animation used to bring him to life. It's not a lost art, but it's certainly not as common in today's world of CGI.

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