Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mysteries So Unknown They Wrote About Them

Time Life Books Mysteries of the Unknown. If anything ever was as serious business as these books, then it should be in a second volume. Because that indeed would be a mystery of the unknown variety. If you're of a certain age (old), you've likely spent some time with these books. Either at your Aunt's house, a waiting room, or the library. Myself, all three. I wanted a set of my own, but for reasons unknown I wasn't allowed. Perhaps it was due to forces preferring me to not know of their existence. Or my dad telling me 'hell no, go mow the grass'.

The above commercial isn't the only ad spot for the books. There were shorter ones, longer infomercial ones, and uh... this one. While the exact percentage of unknown was known after reading these books, one thing 100% known is they'd scare the crap out of you. No other commercial had the power to make the entire room uneasy as Time Life Books Mysteries Of The Unknown. Aside from this one. They'd just suck the energy from the room, leaving eonly uncomfortable silence. Time Life was making sure you know just how serious they were taking things.

While I enjoy watching things like ghost and other various paranormal videos in my spare time, I don't 100% believe it. Completely entertained, but not completely convinced. I do believe there's more to life than what's in front of us, absolutely, but Bigfoot sightings videos don't exactly sell themselves well (it's probably just my brother hunting). Though if more presented themselves as well as Time Life did with these books... there'd probably just as many people who didn't believe. But they'd pretty uneasy for awhile after the commercial at least.

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